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Dealing with combined skin

During warmer periods of time the skin is moisturized naturally, most type of face creams work and the pores clear themselves naturally with most scrubs/ face washes. Having combination skin, both dry and oily can really be frustrating to manage during winter. Especially when it comes to dry spots, clogged and big pores in certain areas of the skin.. One of the biggest issues that so many of us with combined skin come across is the dry air that makes the surface of the skin become super dry and making it impossible for the pores and blackspots to clear up. Using too fat creams can create an outbreak of pimples while too little moisture keeps the skin dry, creating a higher production of sebum creating new problems and continuing the negative cycle.

The problem with combined skin is that it can feel very oily and super dry at once. Using the same type of creams, scrubs and washes doesn’t really solve the problem. Every day can differ and we need to listen to our skin in order to find the right skin treatments for it.


Believe me when we say that I have tried many products, that just don’t do it for my skin. Going for various skin treatments sometimes does help for a week untill the problems re-occur again. I have learned that among other things, eating right, avvoiding sugars and keeping the skin moisturized at all the times of the day the driness in my combined skin doesn’t come back.


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Ninni / Editor in chief



Products that I often come back to are natural based. I’ve used and still am using The Body shops Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask that open up and clear my clogged pores ans blackspots that I use 1-2 times a week. I leave it on just for a few moments, I don’t let it dry completely, but when I feel a little tightness in my skin I rinse with hot water to clear it out. Afterwards I wash the face with cold water in order to get my pores contracted and closed.

Afterwards I dry my skin slowly with a fresh towel and for the finnish touch I use the Drops of youth sleeping mask to regain the moisture to my skin that is very much needed every night. Like this I feel that my skin is very moistuirzed while not having to worry about pores being clogged.

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