Photo: Believe.com

Photo: Believe.com

We often hear that people are being more and more anxious. The World is changing, psychological and emotional stress is gradually becoming less of a tabu topic and more and more people are opening up about their long time struggles with mental disorders.


Anxiety is an emotion connected to physical fight or flight responses in our human body that are usually triggered by fear and worry. When we experience a threat, physical or mental our inner alarm turns it self on through various symptoms warning us of danger. It is and can be good when experienced in small parts; it can give us feeling of excitement and sometimes functions like a life savior. It can feel like butterflies in our stomach before we have an exam or new job but there are times where symptoms are just too much to deal with it. We can experience like our heart is racing and about to jump out of our chest at times we are extremely scared.

Yes. There are times where anxiety becomes problematic and it can get out of control.

It can leave us frightened, nervous, angry and even in panic mode that tend to activate various behaviors that we use in order to cope or deal with this unpleasant state.

Anxiety is not dangerous.

Anxiety is a symptom of our biological process and is there to keep us safe from danger and harm.

Anxiety cannot kill you or make you crazy.

This is all normal and has been a part of our human body. However, dealing with anxiety for long periods of time can cause various health issues both mentally and physically.

That is why we have gathered 4 easy ways to EASE ANXIETY in your everyday life:


Identify situations/ sensations/ thoughts that is causing you anxiety. Keep a daily journal for a week where you track your mood/ symptoms and activities. See if you find a pattern or something in particular that is causing you anxiety. Knowledge is the key to problemsolving!

Photo: The Happiness Planner

Photo: The Happiness Planner


Ask yourself, how do you usually deal with anxiety and is there a better way to cope with it in the long term? Are you always pushing it aside / running away from it? Is it really helpful or could you do something else to ease the symptoms?



3.       Breathe & Meditate:

Doing basic breathing exercises or meditations gives us so much space to relax and refuel. Breathing in a calm and deep pace creates more calmness within your whole body, mind and soul. Creating time and room for reflection beyond all distractions and stressors in todays world will give your the guidence you need. A simple breathing exercise is to breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds and breathe out through your mouth for 5 secs.

4.       EXERCISE:

Wheither it’s just a walk, yoga, running, be sure that your body gets rid of the built up energy . We are not creatures that are made to just to sit all day long. 



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