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“There just aren’t ever enough hours in a day” is sentence we're all repeating on a regular basis.

Living a calm and manageable life in the Western societies has somewhat become impossible in the 21 century.  With a fast growing technological world we are getting more and more exposed to information like we have never been before. Somehow our society has become so obsessed with fitting in so many to do's in lesser and lesser time.

It’s overwhelming really.

For the workings folks, business owners and entrepreneurs out there, work is 24/7 task, leaving us very little room for rest and reflection. One major problem with this is our exposure to various smartphones, creating an overload within our brain.

A few weeks ago About that look did an experiment asking Instagram users if they experienced stress from social media. The answers were shocking with people of 68% and 80% being interested in tools for dealing with these social media stressors. 

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It got us thinking that our human minds really aren't designed to being exposed to so much information sas we expose it to on a daily basis in today's Western World. 

That's why About that look is set on a mission during 2018 to finding the right tools to help us managing time and stress.

One of the first things we are set on trying is staying connected but not distracted. We wanted to check out if we would be less stressed with creating more

screenfree time. 

We were thrilled to try a tool that helped out with mainly reducing time spent on the phone and managing daily tasks in a more productive way. Firstly we tried spending less time on our phones during the first 2 months this year. 

With Kronaby

connected watch we quickly got hooked to it’s features for filtered notifications, meaning we could block out distracting notifications in our smartphones like social media apps, calls and texts when other tasks neded our full attention. We found out how fun and engaging it was to just listen to music without having to look at the phone to change songs.

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Speding less time on our phones created more breaks and gave us so much more time to relax and doing other fun avitivities that we hadn't engaged in like forever. And just like that we we're slowly feeling less stress and could manage our time better from before. Which kind of made social media more fun! 

Follow us in our continuous attempts on living a stress free life in our technological fast growing Western World. 

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