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In today’s modern and fast growing technological world we would be lying if we would say that that social media hasn’t become one of the biggest things in our lives. With many positive attributes more reaserch has shown over and over again various health issues among teenage and adult life.

Instagram is one of the World’s biggest social media platforms with 700 million users worldwide. It is a place where most of us come to inspire and be inspired. For many of us, Instagram has become the nr 1 platform to share our content with a wide range of people, making our hobbies sometimes grow into businesses.

Obviously, who wouldn’t want to try live off of traveling while posting gorgeous pictures of their lives without having to go to work every day of the week. Of course, social media has it’s very moments of success and happiness.

But like anything else in life, an overconsumption of anything is bound to bring problems to our health. One of the major problems that we are facing while spending long hours on our phones is the constant information that we get exposed to, which makes our brains go on overload. We get lost and disconnected from reality when we step outside to the real world.

Sadly, many suffer in quiet because of the constant stress and anxiety of always having good pictures to show off on Instagram or Facebook. And often, people that go into this business have experiences some sort of mental issues in the past.

Which brings us to the real reason of this post, why is nobody talking about this?

Is mental health still a tabu topic?

Obviously, people are trying run successful businesses but how many actually enjoy it and how many become successful?

Of course, none of this is seen in the perfect pictures on instagram that are posted on a daily basis. So we tend to believe these people are living the perfect life.

How do we bring people to talk about this more, and most important, what help is there out there?

The reality is that every single person in the world has good and bad days. That’s what it means to be human.

What differs the happy folks from the miserable is the effort they put into working on themselves into improving from within on a daily basis. That’s right, real happiness isn’t acchieved together with millions of dollars or followers. If it was then Justin Bieber would be the happiest man on the planet right?

Instagram has become an extremely hard platform to be noticed, creating a lot frustration and stress.

When we contiuelsy feel stressed a big amount of effort goes into dealing with the symptoms that come along with other strong and sometimes negative emotions. So our mind can’t focus on what’s really important.

Having fun and having a creative outlet becomes just a routine of things that need to be done while being under the constant influence of stress. It doesn’t work and is bound to lead to long term anxiety, loss of self esteem and inner piece.

Don’t worry, like anything else, there are solutions and they aren’t as hard as we might think.

Like any other things, our efforts won’t always have an immediate result. Sometimes the road gets bumpy, but such  is life. 

Allow yourself to break free from the imaginary millions that you have painted in your mind:

1) Dare to question your dream, what do you think that you will gain if you become a huge and successful youtuber, instagrammer, lawyer, teacher, photographer etc? Will you then be happier?

Is there preventing you from being happy today? And will you know for sure how your life is going to turn out in the future? Does anyone of us have the power to know the outcome of things?

2) Give yourself a break, more than once per day. Gather your thoughts, relax with a walk or activity you like. We tend to live inside of our thoughts about our planned future way too much which leaves less room for enjoying your life as it is today.

3) Go back and remember the real reason to why you started being an influencer? Was it just to have fun and allowed you to be creative? Find your true reason for doing this every day. And try to implement it to your work today. Who knows, maybe you will start enjoying again.

4) Meet your anxiety, meet the catastrophic thoughts of the worst and try to accept that these are only thoughts and not future predictions. Giving meditation a try might just help you practice this while helping you relax from the tension you are experiencing.

5) If it’s gotten to a point where you need more help, seek a professional to talk to. You aren’t alone in feeling like this. There are very good cognitive behavioral therapists and psychologist that specify in these fields and do an amazing job with concrete strategies that migh be useful for a lifetime.

6) Seek support from your loved ones. Don’t worry about what they will say. Don’t push them away. They might just understand what you are going through and try their best to support you. It’s okay to get some help now and then.

Good luck! The success we really need is within ourselves. Anything else will have to come after.

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