Meet the two sisters that have always dreamed of working together. Sharing their love for  creativity from an early they have quickly started a series of pop-up stores within art, ceramics, furniture and home textiles in their home town London as well as internationally.

The sisters tell us that they used to come up with all type of ideas for how they could start a business together. The older they got, the more determined they became to become their own bosses. Eventually they decided to set up Startup Sisters TM to realize our childhood dream of working together and combining their creative forces.

Rosie, 28, spent five years living and working in Paris, renovating properties and designing interiors for luxury apartments. Sophie, 31, started her career in retail, marketing and brand development and has renovated coastal and woodland properties in the U.K.


"we aim to keep our voice very true and authentic and hope that people will recognize that...."




“Our brand is all about taking joy from everyday details and spaces. We try to keep a very personal voice, documenting the ups and downs of running a business and not just the glamorous sides. We like to laugh about the setbacks, the disappointments and when things don’t exactly go to plan!

The fact that we’re sisters brings a real intuition to the choices we make in business.We almost know what the other one’s thinking without even having to ask!


We aim to create a brand that is flexible enough to allow us to move in and out of all of the sectors we love most - interior design, property, lifestyle, art and styling.

The difficulties we see within the interior industry is that as a new company you don’t have an established network of contacts and it can be really difficult to get the breakthrough you need to progress. It can often feel like if you don’t know the right people, it’s an uphill struggle. But we try to stay focused on the goals we have set for ourselves, working hard for what we believe in, being creative and true to ourselves.

On instagram our aim is not to post content for likes, we aim to keep our voice very true and authentic and hope that people will recognize that.


That being said, social media has democratized marketing for so many small brands. We feel lucky to be part of this millennial tech explosion - technology meets creativity meets entrepreneurial drive. The notion that you can create something from nothing, share it, promote it and influence is a transformative opportunity.

We truly believe that we as humans need to create a life that we don’t need to escape from. Instead of wishing our days away and counting down the time until the next vacation, we should start focusing on the small joys of everyday and make them our compass. We’ve learnt that life is way too short to not love every single day and all of the ups and downs it brings.”

Rosie & Sophie

The Start Up Sisters



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