Meet Emina Iiman, a young woman that is on a mission on devoting her life to her passion for dancing.

Growing up in a small town in Sweden she knew she had to leave one day in order to reach her dreams in the big city. With roots in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Emina is multilingual and multicultural; something she holds dear to her heart and takes pride on. Understanding the variety and diversity in people has given her the strength for exploring her uniqueness and dreams without settling for the Monday-to Friday life.

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When did you know that dancing was your passion?

“I knew early in life that whenever I was happy or sad I could always go to my peaceful place, in my mind and in my room in front of a mirror, just dancing. Dancing is a part of me, a part of who I have been, who I am at this moment and who I am slowly becoming.

During High School I did a dancing course and had a teacher there that I looked up to tell me that I had true potential into making it as a professional dancer and that I should enroll in dance courses. Sadly at that time I had developed a very low confidence that made me paralyzed. I started comparing myself to big shots in the business which made me feel smaller and distracted from my meaning, my goal and my potential.

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Dancing is a part of me, a part of who I have been, who I am AT this moment and who I am slowly becoming...



For 2 years I lost parts of me that made me question if I should even pursue my dream, while deep down within I knew that I couldn’t deny the truth for too long.

Some things inside of us humans are higher than anything we can imagine. This is a truth I started following when I finally made the choice to start taking my dreams seriously and pursuing it to its fullest. I started dancing everywhere, all the time, pushing harder and harder to grow. I took classes and held my own in order to learn more.”

Has there ever been downfalls or bumps on the road in your pursuit for finding your dreams?

“During a time I felt depressed, lost myself because I got too focused with the results that I wasn’t fully enjoying it because I wasn’t being present in what I was doing. It even made me lose track of time, my family and friends, which is something I am trying find a balance in today. Being too focused on manly the goal can make us lose ourselves and not enjoy the creative process and everyday life experiences that actually shape us into the people we become.”

emina iiman, aboutthatlook, style, dancing, story

Do you have other goals and dreams and how do you balance it with dancing?

“Sure, I have other visions and goals in life but everything comes second after dancing. Sadly in the past I allowed other things to come in the way of my dancing, something I really don’t try to do. I’ve realized that all of us have the ability to get everything that we want but we need to learn to deal with the struggles of everyday lives in order to appreciate the results instead of letting it break us. Pain is only temporary and we need to keep moving in order to grow. We need to be mindful about all of the moments we have in life and follow our path.

Balance is the key to everything.

Dancing is that strong within me and needs to come out. Sometimes, no matter what our societies tell us we have to go our own way and follow the road that we create for ourselves. We have to allow ourselves to do our own thing and the rest will come gradually to us.

There is some serious power and healing that comes from the process when you get to create something with you bare hands."

Today, Emina, lives In the capital of Sweden, Stockholm where she is devoting her life to dancing solo  and balancing with a job and studies. Even though various offers come, Emina is persisted on  doing her own things and creating a path that in lined with her biggest dream, sharing her passion for dancing with the world on her terms.

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Photography & Story by About that look

Styling by Ninni Tokalija