Meet the stunning singer Qica with her debut single WÄGNER. With an Indian Heritage she came to Sweden in Umeå through an adoptions process before the age of one. Erika tells us that she feels that there are so many ways to describe a person and that individuality has  many layers. Red her story...

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”I’ve been asked a lot of questions concerning my identity all my life. It feels a bit like people expect me to be a certain way or different from them based on my heritage and looks. I don’t really feel the need to label myself. I also hope that people will get to know the real me through my music.

I identify as a multicultural being in this world, both Indian & Swede that’s independent, positive and often lose track of time lol. I’m the definition of a time-optimist definitely. I also love sleeping in!

Music has always been a huge part of my life but as a kid I didn’t have the courage to sing in front of people.

I became a dancer after I finished high school and thought that I had found my way to what had always been my dream, singing.

I've also studied at Lund’s university and have a Bachelor’s degree in Social work. I'm right now balancing a full-time job with my music.

My inspiration for my music comes from my own life experiences and stories from people I’ve met throughout my life.  Many genres and artists inspire me but I feel mostly at home with R&B, Hip Hop, Soul and Blues."

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I believe that everything is possible but you need to work hard to get to where you want to be. Since I’m new in the music industry I know I have a long way to go. For me, as an independent artist, the biggest challenge right now is to get my music out there and be noticed.

In my debut single WäGNER I sing about Elin Wägner, a Swedish writer, journalist&  feminist.

I also sing about Rosa Parks and people that have fought for making our World more equal for everyone.

For me and in my music it is important to share a light about prejudice and to acknowledge that all of us humans need to stand up for each other.

There’s definitely a lesson in the song that I want to spread about people and their struggles.

 I want everyone to understand that they are able to influence the society they live in. I believe that artists have the power to contribute to our societies  evolvement just like Nina Simone once said,

”it’s an artist’s duty to reflect the times in which we live.”

Photo & Edit by    Mili Malinovic

Photo & Edit by Mili Malinovic

Every person in our society has an opportunity to make a difference, big or small. A responsibility that I think we all have, and that is something I want to make people aware of. The world as we know it is not constant, it will change to worse if we don’t fight for the good. In big or small.

I often get very deep into my own thoughts and I easily over analyze things, but I also want to stay positive and enjoy the little things as well and being mindful in my daily life. I love sitting next to the water, in the sun and listening to good music.

When it comes to life goals I have many of them, one major one is to make the most out of my time here on earth. I can’t think of anything I’d like to change. It makes no sense dwelling in the past, so I usually learn from it and move forward.

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”Life is short make it sweet, you touched me I have grown.”

I think that life for me is a lot about having no regrets, about growth, understanding, appreciating life and having meaningful relationships. I love to challenge myself to see how far I can get. When I came to Sweden, from the orphanage in India, I had a painting on which the words said

”Life is short make it sweet, you touched me I have grown.”

These words followed me through life, gave me a sense of calmness and helped me to be conscious about the life choices I make still to this very day.”


aboutthatlook, qica, erika fagerqvist, wägner, story, mili malinovic, photography, editorial


Photo & Edit by Mili Malinovic

Story by Aboutthatlook & Qica