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Tell us a little about yourself, how and with whom and what you identify with. And what your inspirations are?

I am Cinosanda Sandele, I am Angolan and I have lived in the Netherlands for 17 years. I have a degree in economics and have been a blogger since 2016. I am also a mother of three wonderful children.

I identify myself with everything and everyone who values the freedom to be and understand that we are all unique and authentic beings, beautiful each in their own way, but extraordinary when we enjoy the authenticity of each other.

Obviously, as a fashion blogger, I get inspired by various icons of the fashion world and street style, but if that were all it would probably not be enough for me to be a blogger. My biggest inspiration is my life, the things that I have lived, the emotions that transmitted me the places I went, my mistakes and what I learned from them, and my dreams, principles, and ideals. The juncture of these things is all my story, the person I am today and the blog allows me to express it. Be it in the form of looks, words or a juncture of both.

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What in the influential fashion industry has interested you, and how did you decide to become a blogger/ influencer?

The freedom to express through fashion fascinates me.

I realized early on that fashion/style was not just a matter of vanity or need. Fashion is primarily a way of expressing yourself, creating characters, manipulating emotions and thoughts. It is connected to everything we are and have done. This linkage is beset by different social-economic, political, cultural and religious aspects.

One other aspect that fascinates me in fashion are the stories that every piece of clothing has to tell. This fascination began because of my love for used clothes. Whenever I buy used clothes, I always ask how long ago it was made. Once in 2011, a gentleman of about 82 years stopped me on the street to ask where I had bought my briefcase. He could hardly believe those briefcases were still being sold. He told me that when he was a child, his mother would force him to use that briefcase to protect the notebooks from rain and snow and that for the same reason all children at that time wore the same style of a briefcase. What has remained with me to this day is the gleam in his eyes and the love on his face as he spoke of his mother.

This turns fashion into a wonderful world and allowed me to relate it to different aspects of the life of which I am in love and through the blog create an opportunity to share them with the world.

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What difficulties and possibilities do you see in the western fashion industry? If you could change one thing, what would it be?

As in other industries, there are technically several opportunities in the fashion industry in the West. Now, how can avail of these opportunities, unfortunately still depends a lot on the race, nationality and often social status and religious preferences of each person. The fashion world is racist and full of prejudice. But thanks to God the internet, particularly social networks have improved this aspect somewhat. Moreover, without the internet, we would not even exist (lol). The difficulties of the fashion industry are systematic and it is hard to change all of them. Now what I believe I can do is to improve them by being and doing things differently in the public setting as an influencer. Today I am trying to influence how I can as a blogger, but who knows tomorrow in a bigger position could lead to bigger and wider opportunities to actually make a bigger change.


What lessons/knowledge do you want to spread to the world? What is your opinion about happiness?

The first is to love yourself first. I know it sounds selfish, but as a mother, I learned how important this is. I would give my life for my children without blinking, but even for this, I need to love myself in the first place so that I can love them fully. With this, I realized that this is the only way to be a better person for yourself, for everyone around you and for the whole world.

Secondly dream always. I strongly believe that dreams are what guides us, without them life loses it’s meaning. Our dreams will determine our ambitions, our choices, our failures and our ability to overcome them. Our dreams define our life course.

And thirdly, love and forgive always. I know from experience that this is not the easiest thing to do, because the ego tends to limit us. But not letting it win is a choice.

Wearing // Blouse & Shoes ZARA, Pants H&M, Sunnies Vintage, Bag  Mahi Leather

Wearing // Blouse & Shoes ZARA, Pants H&M, Sunnies Vintage, Bag Mahi Leather


My opinion about happiness is that it is a choice and that it is closely linked with our ability to thank the things we have in life, however small they seem to us. Although it looks simple, it’s amazing how much we forget to do it daily. Last month I wrote an article on my blog where I talk about the relationship between happiness and gratitude. In one way or another, we focus more on the negative things that happen to us, trivializing everything positive that happens at the same time. Luckily we all have the ability to change that. And if this is difficult it is enough to remember that only the fact that we wake up alive and healthy is already in itself a privilege and a great gift from God.

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