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One of the things I have come to realise is that humans put an extreme amount of effort into supressing some of our personal traits that have been considered taboo in our society. One ot he things that social norms teach us is that some of our attributes are inappropriate, different and have to be hidden from the public eye. Therefore, we learn very quickly that we need to adapt and hide these traits from others and ourselves. We learn that we need to “fix what’s wrong with us” in order to be like everyone else.

aboutthatlook, alterego, stories, rocknroll

We spend a whole lifetime thinking that we have to prevent ourselves from going into “our darker selves.”

Making us think that our personalities are these two split personalities.

But what really happens when we try to suppress parts of ourselves?

Does our “alter ego” really go away?

What message are we sending to others and ourselves?

Is the message saying that some parts about us are acceptable while others aren’t?

Doesn’t this increase the sense of unworthiness within our psyche? And this leave a bigger room for anger and fear that eventually result in self-hate?

aboutthatlook, alterego, stories, rocknroll

be at ease with yourself. 

No matter what the World thinks of you. 


This pattern prevents us from growing and loving ourselves. And mostly, from living. We get stuck in our anger and frustration that with years leads to resentment towards ourselves and others.

How our world would be a better place if we actually tried to live in just as we are it instead of fighting against it.


When we allow ourselves to explore who and what we truly are even with our socially taught “darker parts," we just MIGHT learn how to really ACCEPT ourselves. And truly LOVE ourselves.

With acceptance, we become clearer and allow ourselves to fully engage with our inner self. 

Be at ease with yourself.

No matter what the World thinks of you. 

alter ego, aboutthatlook, stories

Embracing all parts of your being will allow yourself to experience every moment of your life and will take you to places you never thought was possible. And express that that in any way that you can.

Dare to explore all the parts that makes YOU diferrent from all the rest.

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Source: unknown


Written by Ninni for About that look

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