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I want you to meet Tina

A Woman she goes on pursuing her dream as a content creator, writer, youtuber and so much more. Read her story... 

Ever since I was little creativity has played a big part of my life.

My love for books started at the age of six when my mother took me to the local library and helped me get my very first library card. The library became my vehicle for exploring adventures from all over the world and shortly after the dream of writing my own books started to grow. I felt that writing became a natural part of my life.  Through journals and short stories I could make up my own little creative adventures with various characters. 



"...has become a language where I can create whatever character I want to be at any moment."

Just like literature, fashion has become a language where I can create whatever character I want to be at any moment. Clothes have become a way for me to express how I feel. My style is quite fluid and I have yet to settle on a particular style that makes me not want to visit other ones. I think I am in place in my style journey and life where I'm trying to figure out what clothing items flatter my body the most and that I feel good in. 


I have always loved long figure fitting dresses because they are comfortable and I like how they make my body look. Lately I have had a thing for tapered high waisted dressy pants in brown and khaki tones that give that perfect 90’s vibe. 

Outside of the fashion scene I try to live the most simple and authentic life possible. To me that means introducing the philosophy of minimalism in my life.

aboutthatlook, tinasarafina, stories

In todays world we are all constantly bombarded with images of how we are supposed to be, how we are supposed to look, what we should wear, what to eat and basically how to live. And the more stuff we have or the busier we appear to be the more accomplished we think we are. This creates a lot of suffering and is far from how most of us really like to live.

Working as a social media influencer I admit that I have been caught in the circus of trying to become the perfect type of influencer with a large following but quickly learned that it is not sustainable for my mental health and overall happiness. So these days I am mindful of living a minimalistic life and putting my focus on creating what I love; writing and showing impactful stories. I think it is important that we don't lose focus of the things that make us happy and connected with our true selves.

Photo:  Emil Jarengrim  & Ninni Tokalija, Make up:  Mathilda Hedin Ekwall , Styling: Ninni Tokalija, About that look

Photo: Emil Jarengrim & Ninni Tokalija, Make up: Mathilda Hedin Ekwall, Styling: Ninni Tokalija, About that look



You can find more of Tinas work at: her youtube and instagram

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