Wearing / Shirt Wera Stockholm/ Skirt Vintage/ Shoes Zara / Bag   Eduards Accessories

Wearing / Shirt Wera Stockholm/ Skirt Vintage/ Shoes Zara / Bag Eduards Accessories

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The long winter is finally over and spring has gradually arrived through the last weeks in Europe. This sudden weather change made us quickly kick out the knits and gladly welcome our skirts and open heels that we have been dying to wear for months!

During spring time the trendy items and accessories tend to be brighter with prints and patterns. These trendy items might be a great choice for some, but for the minimal and neutral type, chosing the monochrome and black on black looks 80% of the time will continuesly happen no matter what any trends say! 

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Going for a full black style is a conscious choice cause let’s face it, coming straight from winter darkness to sunny Spring might just be too fast of a change to suddenly be jumping into pink, green and patterned outfits. Some of the times it just makes us feel like clowns! The majority of us can agree on the fact that black is really one of the more flattering shades out there.

We have gathered 3 easy ways to make an all black outfit look chic and luxurious this spring.

1)      Combine shiny and silky fabrics that will give the outfit more glow.

Silk and leather are always great choices.   

2)      Wear spacious or oversized items that will give a cooling affect during the warmer days.

3)      Accessorizing is always the key to uplifting an outfit.

Go for black heels and bags with details that will pop up making the outfit look so much more fun.