ABOUT THAT LOOK is a Scandianvian lifestyle magazine where we bring you creative content within fashion, individual stories, art, beauty and wellbeing. ABOUT THAT LOOK is a guide from a minimalist persepective of how to achieve a life filled with quality and creativity.

ABOUT THAT LOOK is about us.

About our paths, strengths and struggles through life. About how we live. About how think, about how we feel. About our powers, about our goals. About how we process, about how we create. About how we think, about how we portray beauty, about how we care for ourselves and others. About how we play.

About how we take on the form of self – expression through fashion, art and beauty.

About what we are and who we are yet to become.

About who we are from within and out.

ABOUT THAT LOOK is about our human nature.


NINNI is the cameleon of creative ideas, she is the head - of - chief editor, fashion stylist, photographer and therapist. Ninni started out as a Cognitive Behavior therapist while freelancing as a Stylist and influencer in Stockholm, Sweden. After 3 years of blogging, Ninni created ABOUT THAT LOOK the magazine to share a wider look of fashion, indivuality, wellbeing and beauty.





BEAUTY BY TANCI aka Tanja B is our head of care & beauty editor & makeup artist where she mixes oldies to newbie’s of her absolute favorite products from care to make up. She brings all the solutions for achieving a healthy hair and skin while looking flawless. Tanja B has multiple career paths within financing & makeup and has over 15 years of experience from the beauty influencer community.



NANA M is our Fashion stylist, editor in Fashion and Art where she shares creative ideas to achieve a personal style that you can be comfortable in. Nana has a background in desgn and is an upcoming designer that is currently based in Berlin & Stockholm where she freelances as a stylist.

We do consultations within fashion styling, content marketing, beauty, photography & cognitive psychology. If you are interested in working / collaborating with us please contact us down below or send us an email on: info@aboutthatlook.com

ABOUT THAT LOOK is continuously working with guest writers. We are now hiring content writers / photographers to join our team or if you wish to submit your work!

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